Thursday, 14 October 2010

Shockingly Bad I am shockingly bad at updating my blog lol.  I apologise.

I do have some nice new art though....these are all on my RAStyles deviant account

and those are her knees by the way....not a bad boob job lol.
I also released a new image and tube over on my Wikked Art account
Halloween is definately my favourite theme so I am feeling all creative at the moment. 

Well, not much else to say really....leading a quiet life at the moment.  The kids are off school for two weeks holiday so not going very far.  I did have to take them into town yesterday to get some new clothes as they were outgrowing everything.....that little trip cost me about £200....ouch.

Hubby is starting a new job on November 1st so it will be bye-bye to 3am....yay.

Anyway....night all.  See ya when I get my finger out and post again lol.

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  1. ROFLMFAOOOOOOOO @ bad boob job! That's the least constructive critism I've ever given and you've outted it LOL hahaha