Saturday, 23 October 2010

New Art and a New Tat would appear I am guilty of blog neglect...again!!!   This is why I don't keep a diary....I abandon it for weeks at a time and it sulks lol.

Been leading a quiet life mostly.  The kids have been on holiday from school for two weeks so had them around a lot more.  They go back on Monday though.  Hubby no longer works as a lorry driver so no more stupid o clock wake ups...yay!!!   He starts his new job as a bus driver on November 1st.  Will be shift work which will take some getting used to again but he will hopefully be happier.

We bought a new car on Saturday just is a lot newer than the cars we've had in the past and he is really happy with it.
I went yesterday and got a new tattoo.  It's on the inside of my right forearm.  I didn't design this one myself this time but I am really pleased with it.

Hurt a bit down near the wrist when it was getting done but it's fine now.

I've also been creating again and have two new pictures posted on my personal deviant art account.

I am hoping to do some traditional art once the kids go back to school.....I enjoy working on the computer but it means that I am way out of practice at drawing so i'd like to get back to it again.  Also get started with the paints.

Ah well.....that's it for another day.  See ya later. xxxx

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